A centre for academic excellence.

Welcome to Mihang'o Junior and Senior High School

Mihang’o High school is a private high school located in Mihang’o, Utawala opposite GSU training camp 200M off Southern Bypass.

The school offers an opportunity to ensure that your child receives a world class higher education right at your door step. With a firm reputation of excellence in all spheres of higher education, the school offers 8:4:4, CBC and the British National Curriculum (BNC-IGCSE) with a powerful vision that students who attend the program at the school must receive value and added education through well structured programs such as guidance and counseling, debate, games and sports.

These programs ensure that students develop the inner strength required to make them successful. The school management has a clear mission of providing real value added international standard education at an affordable price.


Fountain of excellence.


To provide quality education that meets Academic, Spiritual, physical and social needs of students to enable them to attain their highest potential.


To be an excellent holistic development centre for students.

Cell: 0718599431/0 712 342 464
Mail: Postal address: 104501-00101 Jamia, Nairobi
Location:Utawala opposite GSU

Our Values


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