Arts, Music and Perfomance

Arts & Music

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The arts thrive at Mihang’oschools. Guided by a talented and creative faculty of trained teachers, our students are taught foundation skills while also being challenged to express their own artistic vision.

A variety of arts programs are offered at Mihang’o, students are encouraged to explore their potential in all areas of academia including arts and music.

Our students work is impressive, but its actually the process of creativity we value the most. Through it students build far reaching cultural literacy, creative confidence and skills of self-expression.

Soccer and Athletics and Other Ball Games


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Mihang’o Schools strives to provide opportunities for all our students to participate in various sporting activities. We believe that participation in team and individual growth as well as the development of pro-soft social skills is essential to become successful in the modern world.

We offer both indoor and outdoor games.The outdoor games include football,volleyball,basketball,lawn tennis,athletics and swimming .The indoors include badminton,table-tennis,mind games such as scrabble and chess.



Scouting, Environmental Clubc

Scouting in Kenya started in 1910 in Nairobi, with the formation of the first Nairobi troop at St John’s church.

At Mihang’o we support children to join such and other clubs such as environment club to assist in eradication future challenges such as climate change.

We prepare them early enough to be able to face life by gaining important life skills.

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Our Values


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